The Franklin® Method

“The fastest way to change your movement is to change your mind”
Eric Franklin

The Franklin® Method is about finding new tools and methods of feeling good in your body and self in the process of moving and living.  It promotes the integrated use of body and mind.  By focused use of the mind and brain it helps to bring about positive changes in how we experience ourselves in movement specifically and living in general.  It teaches us how to effectively use imagery (in its varied forms) and through experiential embodiment of anatomy in movement it brings about better, more efficient function of our natural design.

Eric Franklin is a movement innovator, author, and dynamic teacher. He created The Franklin® Method 25 years ago and travels the world teaching his methods of dynamic alignment through imagery.

I first attended one of his courses in 2009 and it blew my mind and opened my eyes about the power of the mind and imagery and deepened my understanding of anatomy. I went on to train as a Franklin® Method Level 1 Educator and continue to regularly engage in his many courses. It revolutionized my teaching of Pilates. His methods also dovetail beautifully with the Trager® Approach, together they form a marvellous synthesis to bring a happier feeling state in your body and mind.  I integrate the Franklin® Method principles, embodiment exercises, ball and band exercises into my Pilates sessions and it enhances my Trager® practice immensely.

“Until you have an experience of what it’s like to feel better, you don’t feel better”
Eric Franklin

Benefits of the Franklin Method

  • Learning to move in ways that are healthy and preserve your shelf life 
  • Letting go of faulty, tension producing movement patterns and negative self-imagery.
  • Discovering how to move with ease and pleasure 
  • Develop greater body awareness to improve your posture and movement habits
  • Exercising in ways that strengthen, increase flexibility and freedom of movement