I adore my Trager treatments with Anne. I always feel welcome and at ease during the sessions. The massage room is clean and uncluttered which appeals to me. We start with a verbal check-in which quickly moves into me checking in with my own body. Anne leads this beautifully and I am invited to move in ways that feel natural to me but also movements are suggested, some with gentle touch. I find this part of the process very powerful as small simple movements or touching usually have profound affects. Yet of course I am always delighted to be asked to get on the massage couch! Anne’s touch is caring and reassuring and my body responds with joy to the often soft touch and often unusual movements that I don’t receive in other forms of massage. Thank you Anne, when can I book my next treatment?

Hilly H.

I have been doing Pilates with Anne for about a year now. My experience of her classes has been a very pleasant one, she has a very personal touch and consideration for each student.

I am 80 years old and Anne with her very considerable knowledge of anatomy knows and remembers which exercises I should modify or limit in view of my limitations. After each lesson I feel revitalised physically as well as mentally.

(Dr) Herman Alink

Anne is an excellent Pilates teacher.  She is extremely knowledgeable and committed to ensuring her students benefit in every way from her expertise.  I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who feels that Pilates will assist them to a healthy and mobile lifestyle.

Carol Bartlett

Anne is an inspirational teacher of Pilates. She runs small friendly classes in a relaxed way. She provides one to one attention where required. I’ve been in Anne’s class for over ten years now and I have noticed a huge difference with my aches and pains, especially my back pain which has improved greatly. Anne has a wealth of knowledge and gives great advice relating to any physical issues. 

Rosemary W.

Anne is a very special and experienced Pilates teacher. She presents a varied and motivational series of exercises in every class and explains the benefits of each exercise. She is aware of individual’s needs, whilst creating a real feeling of class togetherness. Everyone is made to feel comfortable and Anne instils confidence through her encouragement and support. I definitely feel better, both mentally and physically, from attending Anne’s classes.

Carol P.

I have been attending Anne’s wonderful Pilates lessons for over fourteen years and benefit hugely both physically and mentally. During each session Anne’s understanding and knowledge of the body’s bone and muscle structures is taught in a way that has helped me ‘realign’ and become aware of how I move. Anne’s lessons are always varied with different exercises each week that she calmly guides us through. She is a master of her art giving expert demonstrations of what we are aiming to achieve. Anne is also very good at establishing our individual needs and will advise us on how to adapt exercises. I always leave Anne’s Pilates lessons feeling flexible and calmer.

Emma H.

New to Pilates I felt very comfortable in Anne’s class. Gentle and clear instruction with knowledgeable personal guidance helped me to experience the feeling of strengthening and lengthening and the Franklin Method ball work woke up my whole body. I felt balanced and relaxed after class and ready to start my day.

Christy Campbell

I have been to a number of Pilates classes over the years, and never enjoyed any of them or felt I wanted to become a regular, until I found Anne’s class! From the first day I felt Anne had a special knowledge, and a wonderful way of putting her message across to her class. She manages to challenge the body and invigorate it at the same time, while helping us to truly understand the amazing workings of the body. I feel lengthened and strengthened by her exercises and am now using a daily ritual of her movements each morning on my own. She has made me realise just how important is the value of movement for health and mental wellbeing. I have always been sporty and still love to play lots of tennis, but it is her Pilates passion and expertise, and consequently her exercises which have maintained my suppleness and strength.

Nicola Wilson

I love your professionalism. Your impressive knowledge of anatomy gives me the confidence to try the moves that you request. Your own regular professional training keeps the classes fresh and interesting. Our individual problems are recognised, and our moves are modified accordingly.  Your calm and steady control makes the class peaceful and focused. 

I come to the sessions feeling my back could be better and is generally rather stiff. I emerge feeling straight as a die and 10 times better. I believe that your class keeps my scoliosis in check and I’m very thankful for it.

Highly recommended. 

Rhona Panton

Anne has been my teacher for the past 14 years. She has a refreshing personality, is highly knowledgeable and has an ability to recognize each of our needs and capabilities. Pilates has enriched my life, improved my posture, strength and flexibility.

Jean Auty

The Trager tablework is an amazing experience! The tissues are moved rhythmically and gently, suggesting an easier way of moving. Resulting in deep, open relaxation and healing. It has increased my awareness of holding patterns in my body. Highly recommended and performed in a beautiful peaceful studio.

Jean Auty

I have been attending Anne’s Pilates class for several years. I am in my late sixties and I have found that the exercises have been helpful in keeping me flexible. The classes are fun and I have met some lovely people in our group. Anne is an excellent instructor and takes time each week to see which exercises would benefit us most. 

Linda Griffiths

I want to thank you for changing my life in such a positive and sustainable way. Your classes give me a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Each class starts and ends with your smile and you create happy thoughts for all of us. 

The Pilates classes work well for everyone as you make a point of getting to know what each person is capable of and offer ways of modifying activities to suit our needs. I have a poor memory so your gentle reminders of how each activity works is a key thing for me and I am now gradually increasing the range of the exercises at home.

When I started most of the joints in my body were very stiff for many years. Most of my joints have now improved and continue to do so. I can twist and turn much better than I was able to do and look forward to more progress.  I am now able to sit up from lying on the floor without pushing with my hands or arms just by using your movement methods and the core strength you have helped me to restore. My energetic activities have benefitted from your classes giving me more confidence to push myself further and compete in tennis. I try to do 20 -30 minutes of Pilates at home 2 or 3 times a week and use some of your stretching ideas after tennis or long walks.

You ask us to check “how we feel” after each activity so we recognise progress while it is happening. When the class is nearly finished you always bring us back gently to a sense of recognising what we have achieved and again leave us with a wonderful smile.

Roger Wilson