My Story & Training:

From an early age I began training as a ballet dancer, later branching into contemporary dance. Training to a professional level at the Rambert School and Central School of Dance in London. In my early 20’s I injured my back and stopped dancing. I struggled with ongoing back pain and stopped moving.  By my early 30’s I was out of shape, overweight and in a poor state of health.  It was at this time in 1998 that I went to my first Pilates class, and I loved it! It gave me the feeling of strength, control, grace and freedom that I had experienced when dancing. Thus, began a new chapter in my life, health and wellbeing.  You could say it was a return to life for me (‘Return to Life’ is the title of one of the books written by Joseph Pilates).

So it was that I began training for my new vocation as a movement educator and bodyworker with the vision of working with people in the maintenance of their health and wellbeing. 

I began my training as a Pilates instructor in 2000, mentored by my teacher Dr Tatiana Habanova.  While working in her studio I completed my mat work training in 2001 and full apparatus training in 2003. As a Chiropractor and athlete, Dr Habanova’s training included extensive posture and gait assessment skills, Pilates for rehabilitation and fitness. We worked with a variety of clients including amateur and professional equestrians and Polo players, housewives and rehab clients.

In 2004 I furthered my Pilates training doing another full mat and equipment certification in the ‘classical’ Pilates method with Core Dynamics, under the tutelage of Michelle Larsson, Kevin Bowen and Anna Alvarez. I did as much of my training as possible with Michelle Larsson, including a two-week mentoring course in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She was the founder of Core Dynamics and is a second-generation teacher trained by Eve Gentry; who was one of the Pilates elders who trained directly with Joseph Pilates. It was a real privilege to have had the opportunity to attend trainings with her.

Over the years I have done many continuing education courses and had the good fortune to study with many excellent teachers and exchange with colleagues.

Trager® Approach
My first experience of the Trager® Approach came when I was attending massage school in Florida in 2000.  From my first experience of Trager I loved it!  This way of working and being with the body through movement, touch and imagery, felt like the most natural thing in the world.  The hands-on experience was blissful!  From that moment I knew that I must become a Trager practitioner.  It took a few years before I was in the situation to begin, but in 2006 I began the Trager practitioner training.  It proved to be a long and transformative journey, finally becoming a full practitioner in 2011.

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to train with some of the most senior and experienced Trager instructors, who themselves worked directly with Dr Milton Trager, the innovator of the Trager Approach, supported and assisted by my ongoing Tutor and mentor Jenny Hare.

Therapeutic Massage
After completion of a one year fully accredited massage course, I began practicing as a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Florida, USA. I worked at the spa of the prestigious Breakers resort in Palm Beach, FL and the Sande Gane Spa in Wellington, FL, as well as seeing private clients. Over the years I have engaged in various continuing education courses, but my primary focus has been in furthering my training as Trager Approach practitioner.

Franklin® Method
In 2009 I discovered the work of Eric Franklin and it revolutionized my teaching, deepening my understanding of anatomy and biomechanics and the importance of the integration of the nervous system and mind in movement re-education. His work integrates the effective use of imagery, touch and movement through embodiment exercises, to re-educate the body and nervous system into more efficient and healthy patterns of movement. In 2011 I completed the Level 1 Instructor training with Eric Franklin and Morten Dithmer and regularly engage in his continuing education courses. My Pilates teaching is informed by and integrates the fundamental principles of the Franklin Method and I use many of his embodiment exercises as well as using his band and ball work exercises.