TRAGER® Approach

“There is a way of being

which is lighter,

which is freer

A way in which work

as well as play

becomes a dance 

and living a song

We can learn this way”

Milton Trager

What is the TRAGER® Approach?  Well, firstly it is an ‘approach’, a way of working and a way of being, which invites greater ease, lightness and freedom in the body and mind. It all starts by asking questions such as: “What is lighter? What is softer? What is freer?

Dr Milton Trager, who was the innovator of this unique form of body work, called his work ‘psycho-physical integration’, recognizing that tension in the body begins in the mind. It is a non-diagnostic therapy and causes deep relaxation and the releasing of deep-seated patterns of holding tension and is a means of mind body re-education.

A Trager session combines hands on bodywork, given on a treatment table and active movement explorations called MENTASTICS® (‘mental gymnastics’, or movements done with mental awareness). A session usually lasts for 90 minutes, no oils or lotions are used, and the client can be dressed in comfortable clothing or minimally dressed and draped for their comfort.

Trager is characterized by a quality of touch which is gentle and non-invasive. It combines the use of gentle oscillations and elongations, which invite a letting go, causes relaxation, and allows a person to experience the feeling of moving effortlessly and freely. The work is gentle, comforting and quietening, its effects deep and profound.

This quality of effortless movement is maintained and reinforced by self-care movements, which a person can do in their daily life to reconnect to the feelings experienced in a session.

The principles of the Trager® Approach and the use of self-care movements are indispensable tools in my own life for the maintenance of ease, freedom, inner quiet and wellbeing. I love sharing this profound and beautiful work with my clients and often integrate it into massage and Pilates sessions as needed, but its fullest benefits are experienced in a full Trager session.  The effects of this work are cumulative so clients will benefit most from a series of sessions. It provides feelings and ways of being, which can be recalled and integrated into a person’s daily life.

At your first appointment there is a consultation and a medical history is taken, along with details of your current state of physical and emotional health, eating habits, lifestyle and work habits. Each Trager session is completely unique based on what is presenting itself for you in that present moment.

Sessions are given in my private studio space, which is a warm, comfortable and quiet environment.

“Milton Trager’s work will benefit anyone wishing to lead
a healthier and more dynamic life”
Deepak Chopra