As a movement educator and body worker I use the tools of:

Pilates – A tried and tested form of full body conditioning. Instruction utilizing the full repertoire of Pilates equipment and mat work exercises.  Suitable for all levels.

Trager® Approach A modality of body work that involves movement and hands on work to cause relaxation and release of patterns of tension held in the body.

Franklin Method – The use of imagery and embodiment exercises to facilitate better anatomical function and ease of movement. This is integrated into my Pilates teaching.

Therapeutic Massage – Besides just feeling great, the health benefits of therapeutic massage are numerous!

My practice is knowledgeable, intuitive and aimed at providing a positive and pleasurable movement experience with tangible results. 

The health benefits of movement, body work and mindfulness are now very well-known and documented. So, no matter what your needs, whether that be:

  • to become leaner, longer, fitter and stronger
  • to recovery from injury
  • to relieve stress
  • to maintain and enjoy freedom and ease of movement

I would be delighted to work with you to accomplish your goals in health, fitness and wellbeing.

Be well
Anne Dale